Green Lipped Mussel + C + MSM


Joint health provides nutritional support for joints, ligaments and cartilage. Green Lipped Mussel contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are known to reduce inflammation. It also contains Glucosamine which is an important building block for joint cartilage, and may assist in the repair of joint structures. MSM is a source of easily available dietary sulphur. Sulphur is required for proper synthesis and maintenance of connective tissue such as joints, tendons and cartilage, and helps to maintain their integrity and elasticity.

Pack size:

60 and 100 capsules


Adults - Take 3 capsules per day with a meal, or as recommended by a healthcare professional. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Glucosamine and green lipped mussel are derived from seafood. Not recommended for people with seafood allergies.


(Each capsule contains)
Green Lipped Mussel (dried) 200mg
Equiv. Green lipped mussel fresh 1000mg
Glucosamine Sulphate Potassium Chloride 500mg
Dimethyl Sulfone(MSM) 200mg


  • Assists in the maintenance of healthy joint cartilage.
  • Slows the progression of joint damage in osteoarthritis and pain relief.
  • Helps to increase joint mobility and reduce joint stiffness.
  • Helps to reduce joint inflammation and swelling.
  • Helps to reduce cartilage and joints wear and tear associated with work or exercise.


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