Luminous Whitening Cream 50g


Luminous Whitening Cream is a specially formulated cream for highly effective whitening treatment and age-diminishing, revitalising treatment for a radiant glow. It contains active fruit acids AHAs and Pearl Protein Complex which absorbed fast and deep to remove blemishes and discolored skin. Collagen and Vitamin E provides intensive moisture and rich nourishment for firmer and younger looking skin.


Apply to face and neck after cleansing. Gently spread first on discolored and blemished areas.


  • Revitalises the appearance, rehydrates, promotes the natural qualities of youthful-looking skin;
  • Active fruit acids (AHAs) absorbed quickly and deeply into the skin to remove blemishes and discolored skin;
  • Refines skin texture and tone: restore a healthy-looking, natural glow to the complexion.


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